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Can I use FAQs only?

Haash is modular, pick only what you need: 

  • Sign in as an admin
  • Click...

How to use Haash under my domain?

Case of non SSL custom domains

  1. Sign in as an...

How to install the FAQs widget on my website?

Can Haash be used as invite only?

The current version does not support invite-only signup but we have it on our very short list....

Can I use Haash for free?

Haash is free to use for as long as you want. No limited trial periods. No limited usage meters....

Can I use the FAQs widget without intercom?

Yes, you can.
Haash FAQs widget can be integrated with Intercom or work standalone.


New to Haash

What is Haash?

Haash are plug & play awesome help centers that are interactive, easy to search and navigate....

Creating a Haash

To create a new Haash:

1. Sign up with your email or any of your social...

I have created a Haash, now what?

Congrats we love you too

Support community

Can I control who can ask and answer on Haash\'s support community?

Yes, absolutely, on...

How do I change the notifications preferences?

After being logged in: 
1) Click the 


Where can I view or change my email address?

You can edit or change your email adress by
1) Clicking on your 

Can I create multiple Haashs with the same account?

Yes, you can create as many Haash's as you want...